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Adrienne Landau jacket (similar options: cool blazer, super dramatic, sporty), Zara Dress (similar Mara Hoffman one here), Sam Edelman York sandals, Carvalho of Brazil belt (vintage)

hello yellow

Hello yellow! One of my favorite moments of spring is when the forsythia bloom. Despite the fact that we have flowers most of the year, there is something about that first explosion of yellow after a long white winter and dull start to spring that makes me so happy. I was inspired to wear an all yellow outfit to celebrate these cheerful blooms.

how to wear bold monochromebold monochrome in yellow

Yellow is an intriguing color. It resonates with the logic (left) side of the brain, stimulating our mental faculties and sparking inquisitiveness, perception, original thought, and new ideas. In almost every culture, yellow represents sunshine, enthusiasm, happiness, optimism, and warmth. It is also the color most often associated with deity in many religions, including Hinduism and Ancient Egyptian beliefs. In Japan, yellow represents courage and in India, it is the color of the merchants.

Adrienne Landau jacket and Zara dresshow to wear a monochrome outfit in yellowall yellow everything at the lake in Adrienne Landau and Zarahello yellow in Adrienne Landau and Zara  monochrome yellow outfit on Mary O'Neillblogger wearing different shades of yellow

I am on a mission to prove that redheads can wear any color, even yellow, yellow, and more yellow! It is the most visible color of the spectrum and the human eye processes it first. Peripheral vision is also 2.5 times higher for yellow than for red, so it is understandable why school buses, taxicabs, traffic signs, and the like are painted this hue. I paired my yellow with black, the color combination that is the easiest to see and read from long distances. When you are wearing yellow, no one is going to miss you!

Adrienne Landau jacket with Zara dress and vintage belt wearing all yellow for springtime and ice cream Adrienne Landau jacket with Zara dress and Carvalho of Brazil belt

Beginning in the 1890’s, pencil makers in the United States began to produce their writing implements in yellow due to the color’s association with Chinese royalty. At the time, China had the best graphite. I’m guessing it was a marketing strategy. Yellow pencils = Chinese graphite = best pencils. Nowadays, U.S. pencils retain this color out of tradition.

how to wear a monochrome outfit Sam Edelman York studded sandals vintage Carvalho of Brazil belt

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That belt with the jacket is exquisite.


Jas, you are the sweetest! Thank you! xo


Wow you look fabulous in yellow! And that belt is such a stunner!



Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Shloka! I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. xo


WOW. Each week it gets better. I love the different shades of yellow with the black shoes. Great coordination with the snack shack’s yellow sign and awning. OUTSTANDING.


Tina, your comment just blows me away. Thank you for the encouragement! xo


Not many people are able to pull off that color but you look regal in it!



Arya, that is such a wonderful complement! Thank you my beautiful friend! xo


Ugh you are absolutely stunning, beautiful look and pictures!


Hi Marta, thank you! That is so lovely of you to say! I hope your day is sweet and happy! xo

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