Outfit Details:

Adrienne Landau jacket (similar options: cool blazer, super dramatic, sporty), Zara Dress (similar Mara Hoffman one here), Sam Edelman York sandals, Carvalho of Brazil belt (vintage)

hello yellow

Hello yellow! One of my favorite moments of spring is when the forsythia bloom. Despite the fact that we have flowers most of the year, there is something about that first explosion of yellow after a long white winter and dull start to spring that makes me so happy. I was inspired to wear an all yellow outfit to celebrate these cheerful blooms.

how to wear bold monochromebold monochrome in yellow

Yellow is an intriguing color. It resonates with the logic (left) side of the brain, stimulating our mental faculties and sparking inquisitiveness, perception, original thought, and new ideas. In almost every culture, yellow represents sunshine, enthusiasm, happiness, optimism, and warmth. It is also the color most often associated with deity in many religions, including Hinduism and Ancient Egyptian beliefs. In Japan, yellow represents courage and in India, it is the color of the merchants.

Adrienne Landau jacket and Zara dresshow to wear a monochrome outfit in yellowall yellow everything at the lake in Adrienne Landau and Zarahello yellow in Adrienne Landau and Zara  monochrome yellow outfit on Mary O'Neillblogger wearing different shades of yellow

I am on a mission to prove that redheads can wear any color, even yellow, yellow, and more yellow! It is the most visible color of the spectrum and the human eye processes it first. Peripheral vision is also 2.5 times higher for yellow than for red, so it is understandable why school buses, taxicabs, traffic signs, and the like are painted this hue. I paired my yellow with black, the color combination that is the easiest to see and read from long distances. When you are wearing yellow, no one is going to miss you!

Adrienne Landau jacket with Zara dress and vintage belt wearing all yellow for springtime and ice cream Adrienne Landau jacket with Zara dress and Carvalho of Brazil belt

Beginning in the 1890’s, pencil makers in the United States began to produce their writing implements in yellow due to the color’s association with Chinese royalty. At the time, China had the best graphite. I’m guessing it was a marketing strategy. Yellow pencils = Chinese graphite = best pencils. Nowadays, U.S. pencils retain this color out of tradition.

how to wear a monochrome outfit Sam Edelman York studded sandals vintage Carvalho of Brazil belt

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Outfit Details:

Vintage jacket (similar here, here, and here), Ralph Lauren skirt (similar here, love this laser cut one and this tiered one), Forever 21 blouse (try this one, or tie this one up as I did. I’d also not say no to the oversized bow on this one), Zara heels (similar here, low heel mules here, and of course this Saint Laurent pair is amazing), Vintage purse and pins

Ralph Lauren floral skirt with vintage denimRalph Lauren spring florals in Chinatown

Walking around Boston again! Even in cities I know well, I still discover cool spots and curious places. The Chinatown section of Boston is a city within a city and fun to explore. Turning down every street is an adventure. You never know what colors or sights you will encounter. I happened upon this amazing mural and it turned out to be a perfect backdrop.

Boston Chinatown muralspring florals Ralph Lauren skirt and vintage denim

You know the expression, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?” I know this is generally applied to weddings, but today it fits my outfit. I’ve had this Ralph Lauren skirt for a while, but I really enjoy wearing it, especially in the spring. Zara heels and a stripy cami stand in for my “something blue.” I love the brocade fabric of these shoes, which has a decadent and slightly Chinese feel to it. The pins on my (vintage) bag are my “something borrowed.”

Vintage purse and pins in Chinatown

Finally, my “something old.” This denim jacket is vintage and is a perfect example of why scouring little shops pays off. Where else are you going to find a jacket sporting a sequined car with the license plate, “Pink!”

pink convertible in Chinatownstyle blogger in chinatown in Ralph Lauren and vintageBoston Chinatownspring outfit in Boston Chinatownflorals for spring in Chinatownvintage denim jacket with pink convertible blogger exploring Boston Chinatownvintage purse and pins in the year of the rooster

In traditional Chinese culture, the rooster has many symbolic meanings. They represent bravery, punctuality, competitiveness, luck, prosperity, and honesty. Chinese folk stories also relate the power roosters have over supposed ghosts. The call of the rooster means the day is coming, and the Chinese believe that since ghosts can only come out at night, the ghosts fear the call because it means they will loose their power at dawn.

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Outfit Details:

Banana Republic dress (similar here, faux leather one here, snake print one here), Ralph Lauren sweater, Candies heels (which I also wore with white skinny jeans while touring the beautiful Church Landing Inn, similar here. Love this floral-embellished pair, and low-heeled version here), Vintage silk scarf (try this one and this one), Urban Expressions clutchblogger at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

How could anyone have said, “Blue and green should never be seen.” Was this person colorblind and not able to see fresh grass meet the sky? These two colors together have always been one of my favorite combinations. The key is to concentrate on the shades and keep the silhouette simple.

Banana Republic leather dress with Ralph Lauren sweaterBanana Republic leather dress with Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater

I love this Banana Republic dress. During the cooler months, it is a perfect layering piece with the addition of tights and boots and when it warms up it pairs equally well with bare legs. The leather is buttery soft and does not feel too heavy for this time of year. Actually, the leather is so lightweight that I could probably stretch it even further into the warmer weather with just a tee underneath.

Boston blogger at the Museum of Fine Artsgreen Banana Republic dress with blue Ralph Lauren sweaterfaux bob on blogger Mary O'Neillspring style at the Boston Museum of Fine ArtsBanana Republic leather dress with Candies block heels

My great aunt, Mary Helen, was a registrar of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in the 1960’s before becoming director of the Fine Arts Museum of the South in Alabama. When I was little, she would come over and give my brother and I art lessons. She always asked me which artist I wanted to emulate with my drawing for that day, and I always answered, “Matisse!” From my earliest remembrance, I have been absorbed with the colors he used. Henri Matisse was a French artist who was well known for his use of daring color. His paintings seemed a mash of all of these different shades together, and yet the inharmonious combinations are what drew me to his work. Perhaps growing up with these pictures in my head formulated some of my color sensibilities, since I unashamedly LOVE color.

blue and green color combinationwearing blue and green together at the Museum of Fine Arts

I was so excited to see that the Boston Museum of Fine Arts just opened a Matisse show. This is the first major Henri Matisse exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in 50 years. The exhibit, entitled Matisse in the Studio, contains a range of works from different points in Matisse’s career, including some that have never been publicly exhibited outside of France. Boston is the only U.S. venue for the show.

Banana Republic dress with Ralph Lauren cable knit

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Outfit Details:

Feathered Diane Von Furstenberg dress (vintage, similar here and here), Max Studio dress (layered over the DVF, similar here and here), Lauren Conrad jacket (cool Topshop one here), Zara heels (try this pair or this one), Vintage necklace and ring

feathered Diane Von Furstenberg dress with biker jacket

feathered dress with motorcycle jacket

This feathered Diane Von Furstenberg dress is definitely a statement piece. I like the challenge of wearing something multiple times a year in different ways. Since the top of this dress is more of a summer weight, I layered it under a slim fitting strapless dress by Max Studio. It has been a bit of a cool start to spring here in Boston but layering lighter weight pieces is a perfect way to dress appropriately for cooler temps while still allowing me to use my favorite warmer weather pieces. In the summer, I’ll pair this feathered dress with strappy sandals and a straw boater.

Lauren Conrad runway suede biker jacketfeathered dress street styleLauren Conrad biker jacketDiane Von Furstenberg dress with moto jacketDiane Von Furstenberg dress street style

Boston artist Cedric Douglas’ striking mural, titled “A World of Innocent Discovery,” can be found on the side of the Behrakis Health Sciences Center at Northeastern University. The mural is part of the school’s public art initiative. Douglas’ mission is to bring community together through street art. The spray-painted artwork depicts a child holding a spray can out of which explodes wonder and wildlife in the form of shocking colors, dinosaurs, and prehistoric birds.

Diane Von Furstenberg dress with biker jacket

My ring and necklace are vintage. While it is fun to wear something from a current collection, there is nothing like scouring tiny shops and old halls for pieces. The thrill of the hunt and the idea of wearing something with a history lend a little excitement.

Diane Von Furstenberg dress with Zara heelsblogger street style look in DVF dresssuede jacket with feathered dress

Douglas started an organization, The Up Truck, with the goal of engaging as many locals as possible in the creation of public art. Up Truck project manager and creative collaborator Julia Roth said, “Galleries are great, but it’s different when you have the ability to stumble across a piece of art in your community” (thedailyfreepress.com). I could not agree more.

burgundy suede motorcycle jacket


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Outfit Details:

Who What Wear Sleeveless Trench, Poof Dress (similar here and strappy version here), Zara shoes (which pair equally nice with a jaunty red hat. Similar here. Also try this this pair with nifty silver heels)

New York City Street Style

When you arrive in New York, you have to be able to hit the ground running. There is definitely something to the “New York energy” and I feel it the moment I step out of Penn Station. For this trip, I only had a few hours to spend in the city so out of necessity I immediately picked up the pace.

Street Style Times SquareFashion Blogger Street Style

Who What Wear sleeveless suede trench

I love mixing colors and prints, but sometimes I pare it back and go with something more monochromatic. While the clothes were simple, the backdrop of Times Square helped me keep things colorful. I love this sleeveless trench from the Who What Wear collection, and since it will be too warm to wear it soon (hopefully!), now was the perfect time to bring it out.

Who What Wear sleeveless trench

NYC Street Style

I let this trench speak for itself and kept the shoes simple, but it would pair equally well with a more fanciful pair. Some of my favorite statement heels can be found here, here, and here (these literally say, “Love!”)

Mary O'Neill in Times SquareWho What Wear trench and Zara heels

In its earlier history, Times Square was given the nickname “the tenderloin” because it was supposedly the most desirable location in 1920’s Manhattan. The original name was Longacre Square, but in 1904 it was renamed after the New York Times moved to the Times Building, now called One Times Square.

Who Wht Wear trench Street Style

Street style in New York is compelling. For me, it is part of what makes this city memorable. The passing crowds display current trends and glimpses of those to come. Silhouettes run the gamut from romantic and sweeping to all black and sleek. The downtown wardrobe of ripped jeans and athleisure is mixed with traditionalists borrowing from gentlemanly style or modernizing a tuxedo look. Hoodies, motorcycle jackets, and clashing prints coexist with designer pieces. New Yorkers pay attention to details as well. Think vibrant sleeves poking out from under a coat, an unexpected pair of socks, or a single earring.

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Outfit Details:

Chaps Dress (similar here), Vintage Cropped Sweater (similar here), Polo Ralph Lauren Oxford, Candies Heels (love this pair and these – the bows!), Vintage Necklace (this one is fabulous), La Moda Sunnies (last seen at the castle in the clouds, similar here), Vintage Wallet (okay, a girl can dream and this one is a dream), Vintage Earrings and Belt

The Red Hand: how to wear pinkThe Red Hand: how to wear pink - Chaps dress, Ralph Lauren oxford, vintage accessories

Pink is the color of happiness. From a physiological standpoint, the color is said to encourage action, inspire confidence, stimulate energy, and increase pulse rate. I can imagine quite a few hearts racing when fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli introduced “hot pink” to western fashion in 1947. What a stir her “shocking pink” caused. The fashion set was quite literally, “Tickled pink.”

Schiaparelli’s fascination with pink reportedly came from a Cartier diamond owned by socialite Daisy Fellowes. Schiaparelli described the jewel’s color as, “Bright, impossible, impudent, becoming, life-giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world but together, a color of China and Peru but not of the West – a shocking color, pure and undiluted.”

So pink it is! Whether it is an accent or the focus, the color is eternally flattering no matter how you wear it. For today’s look, I went with all pink. As with any monochrome outfit, it is imperative to mix shades and textures. Here the colors range from the softest rose to hot pink. Fuzziness is balanced against smoothness. Unfortunately I forgot my pink sunglasses, but everything still looked rosy to me.

how to wear different shades of pinkgirly and sophisticated way to wear pink how to wear different shades of pink togetherhow to have fun wearing pinkdifferent shades of pink mixed togetherThe Red Hand on how to wear pinkfashion blogger on how to wear pink The Red Hand: how to wear pretty pink how to wear pink and think pink

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Outfit Details

Pendleton Blazer (old. Here’s a beautiful pastel pink one and a longer version), Tommy Hilfiger Button Down (borrowed from the boys), Banana Republic Top (similar here and I love the roses on this one), J. Crew Skirt (from a few seasons ago. Try this one), Nine West Heels, Tommy Hilfiger Clutch (gold one here and backpack version here), Kate Spade Earrings

fashion blogger wearing spring pastel colors and goldpastel colors and gold for springwearing spring pastel colors mixed with gold

Springtime pastels are irresistible – maybe because they mirror the colors of buds pushing through the thawing ground. After a long New England winter, seeing the new year’s growth makes me so happy. The soft hues seem fresh and lively, especially this time of year.

Sometimes saturated colors are hard to pair without them fighting against each other, but pastels mix easily. Blush pink, lilac purple, sky blue, and icy green are simultaneously bold and harmonious, whereas bright pink, rich purple, royal blue, and kelly green mixed together could be garish. For today’s look I started with a lavender Pendleton blazer and Banana Republic floral print top layered over a men’s Tommy Hilfiger button down (side note: I love borrowing menswear pieces and playing with proportion, as I did here). Metallics also complement pastels. This  J. Crew mini is from a few seasons back, and, with textured gold heels, adds a bit of edge.

mixed prints and pastel colors for springThe Red Hand on how to wear spring pastelsThe Red Hand: how to wear spring pastels and gold how to wear spring pastels with gold and mixed printsspring pastel colors mix with gold and metallicfashion blogger on how to mix pastels and printsfashion blogger wearing spring pastel colorsgold striped skirt with spring pastels wearing pastel colors for spring

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Outfit Details:

Zara Tulle Dress (here’s something similar without sleeves – all the better for letting a layered turtleneck peek out), Riley & James Top (basic version here, metallic one here), Blue Spice Cropped Jeans (I like this pair and the fringe on these), Harrods Bag (bought in London during my last visit, similar here and here), Cape Robbin Heels (similar here), Michael Kors Cuff, Vintage Earrings

fashion blogger wearing Zara dress over pantshow to wear green in a suble way

I never need an excuse to wear green, least of all on St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated tomorrow. Being of Irish descent and having red hair on top of that, I was practically born in the color.

Many holidays are strongly associated with a certain color. In the case of St. Patrick’s Day, I chose a subtle way to acknowledge the celebration. The deep green hue of this Zara tulle dress compliments the burnt orange undertones of my flares, subtly suggesting the colors of the Irish flag. Dresses over pants – or pants under dresses depending on which way you want to look at it – are still one of my favorite things with which to play. The cropped hemline of the pants exposes the ankle and showcases the shoe. I mixed in a few other tones with a metallic pink top and gold mini bag. Of course, the color red goes with me no matter what I’m wearing because of my hair and freckles. Nothing subtle about them.

green tulle dress over pantsZara tulle dress over pantsmixing green with metallic gold and pinkhow to wear a dress over pantshow to wear green with neutrals and metallicswearing green for St. Patrick's Dayhow to layer a dress over pantsfashion blogger wearing dress over pantscolor story: go green - how to wear greengreen tulle dress layered over pantsCape Robbin suede tassel tie heels


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